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Case Study: How Flixbus Raised Millions in Venture Capital to Disrupt
the European Long-Distance Bus Market

In just 5 years Flixbus grew from an idea to owning more than 90% of the long distance bus market in Germany (and is growing quickly in Europe) due to great execution and raising enough venture capital to foster growth.

In this case study, I talk with co-founder Daniel Krauss on how they went from idea to getting funded and growing the business.

Fun fact: They only own one bus, but were able to transport more than 100 million passengers already.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The surprising way of how Flixbus spotted that there might actually be a billion dollar business idea
  • The most critical business assumptions and how they validated it early on
  • How they raised millions in venture capital
  • A quick walk-through of the never publicly shared pitch deck they used to raise money from investors (hint: It’s different what most entrepreneurs tend to do)
  • The top 3 tips of Daniel to other entrepreneurs trying to raise venture capital
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