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Want to Raise Venture Capital for Your Startup?


There are two major tasks for a successful entrepreneur: 1) Growing the business and 2) Raising Money to fund the growth.

Growing the business is hard. You need to iteratively validate your problem-solution fit and find more customers where you can earn a profit. Still, you have 1,000s of potential customers, so it’s okay if one or two don’t buy with you and you learn from that.

Raising money is a different beast. There are only 10-30 investors out there that might be interested in investing into your business given your stage, your business model, your region, and the fund lifecycle of the investor. This means, you need to do everything you can to identify those 10-30 investors and turn them into a term sheet that’ll get you the cash to fund your business growth.

Many entrepreneurs admit that raising money is therefore even harder than growing the business, because you need to make it right the first time (there is no second trial).

I am here to help you 10x your chances of spotting the right investors and convince them to invest in your startup at a fair valuation


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First & Last Name – Work with me and Raise Money for Your Startup

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From Idea to $$$

Everybody is great at something. I am great at helping tech startups raise venture capital.

I do this by identifying specific measures to make your startup more attractive to investors before approaching investors, and by crafting a convincing growth story and packaging it into a professionals and good looking financial model and pitch deck, as well as helping you approach the VCs who are most likely to invest in the right way.

Here’s how I help your startup raise money from venture capital investors in detail.


Take my 70+ questionnaire and I’ll send you specific recommendations on what things you can do in your startup business within the next months to significantly increase thechances of raising money from venture capital investors.

You’ll also know whether it’s the right time for your startup to raise money and get a rough estimate of your pre-money evaluation.

Yes, I want to increase the attractiveness of my startup to investors


I’ll package your startup idea into a convincing pitch story that paints your startup as an attractive investment case and build a stunningly beautiful pitch deck in Microsoft PowerPoint, so you maximize your chances that investors REALLY get your business model and potential as well as open up their wallets.

Yes, I want that winning pitch deck


I’ll package your business model and growth story into a flexible, easy-to-understand, error-free, and beautiful financial model in Microsoft Excel to make sure investors understand your growth story, assumptions, and business model logic while perceiving your startup as highly attractive.

Additionally you might find some critical flaws in your business model which you then can correct and put your business back on a fast growth track.

Yes, I want such a professional financial model


I’ll help you spot and reach out to the investors that are highly likely to invest in startups given your stage, your region, your business model, and more.

Yes, I need help in getting in touch with VCs

Want to 10X Your Chances of Raising Venture Capital and Save Hundreds of Hours? Let’s Talk.

Hey, I’m Martin. I am a serial tech entrepreneur and former venture capital manager and investment banker that has helped many entrepreneurs just like you raise $30 million in venture capital.

Over the last years I’ve interviewed hundreds of leading entrepreneurs (e.g. Cloudera, MapR, Datameer, Flixbus, SoFi, Lesara) and VCs around the world on their secrets in growing their business and raising money for startups, so I identified the hidden patterns of successful entrepreneurs and how they build market leaders.

If you are working on the next big thing in the following eCommerce, SaaS, marketplaces, media and advertising, Big Data, IoT, US, Europe, and are trying to raise $1 to $20 million, then we should talk.

What Will Happen Next?

Once you’ve filled out the contact form, I will reach out to you to arrange a call in order to understand your business and situation in more detail, so we will know exactly what to do in order to raise venture capital for your startup.

You will hear from me within 48 hours after your application.

At that point if you see the value in working together, great. We’ll talk and see if I’m able to take you on as a client. If you don’t want to move forward, that’s fine too.

Worst case you would have received some free advice from me which would help you increase your chances of raising money for your startup.

Ultimately this is for tech entrepreneurs who take action and want to turn their startups into market leaders. If that’s you, today is the day to set up and take your business to the next level.

Click the button below to submit your application.

I will be in touch ASAP to schedule a time to chat.


Raising Money is Freakin’ Hard

It’s hard to find and convince the few right investors to invest millions in your tech startup. I’m your shortcut to maximize your chances and not waste time, money and YOUR NERVES.

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