Startup DNA #3 – How to Become and Stay Innovative as a Startup and Corporate

 By Martin Luenendonk| 2017-09-06T09:43:31+00:00 August 28th, 2017|

In today’s episode of the Startup DNA podcast Martin Luenendonk talks to Felix Reinshagen on how to become and stay innovative. Felix is co-founder and CEO of NavVis; one of the most innovative IoT startups that are basically Google Maps for indoor and which enables companies to improve their core processes and stay competitive in a world full of data.

What you’ll learn in this podcast episode

  • The very unique founding story of NavVis (and what role universities and a phd program played in it)
  • How the business model of NavVis works (and the secret ingredient that makes it outcompete others)
  • Why Felix is not a big fan of the lean startup movement (and why NavVis almost gave up at one point… and what you can learn for your own startup journey)
  • The biggest innovation mistakes and how to manage innovation in startups and corporates
  • How NavVis manages its innovation funnel


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