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This email course teaches you the exact steps to create a winning startup pitch deck that venture capital investors love... and thereby helps you 10x your chances of raising money.


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Before taking this email course, I was in touch with some venture capitalists, but my pitch deck didn't really inspire them to take action... and invest into my startup. Now, I know exactly how to construct my pitch deck and what to include in what order.

Melissa Sawyer
Founder at Tech Startup

What You'll Learn

Turn your business idea into a compelling pitch deck

  • Why pitch decks are critical for raising money
  • What investors look for in a pitch deck so that they open their wallets and write you a check (including the industries, business models, and regions where investors are investing right now)
  • How to structure your startup pitch deck in order to convince venture capital and angel investors (and how to show investors that you are a highly attractive investment)
  • Lessons learned on creating a winning pitch deck from leading companies such as Facebook, AirBnB, and Dwolla.
  • Pitch deck secrets of highly successful entrepreneurs who managed to raise $3.5 billions in venture capital

Is this course right for you?

This pitch deck course is for entrepreneurs that take action... not for talkative wantrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs and founders. This course is designed for innovative startup founders (e.g. marketplaces, eCommerce, IoT, SaaS, media, Big Data, mobile, cloud) that are tackling big problems and markets, provide a unique and better solution to those problems, and are looking to raise money within the next months.
  • Big vision. You have a big vision and can clearly see a path for your startup to generate 30+ million in sales in some years
  • Aggressive mindset. You are doing everything to win in the market and help your customers solve their problems within legal and ethical bounderies. You work hard, you play hard.

Who is teaching this free email course?

2x entrepreneur, former venture capital investment manager, helped startups raise $30 million in venture capital

Hi, I'm Martin.

Sind 9 years I've started and grown startup businesses such as the Finance Club (the world's largest community for finance professionals with currently 850,000+ members) and Cleverism (a Big Data driven job matching marketplace with 4 million job seekers a year).

Before that I've been working for several years in investment banking and venture capital doing everything from building integrated financial models, due diligence, deal screening, and coaching founders.

For the last several years, I've helped startups in the US, Europe, and Asia raise $30 million in venture capital by helping them craft convincing pitch decks and financial models as well as with investor outreach.

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Where shall I send you the pitch deck course?

We value your privacy and would never spam you

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